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You know how it goes. You wake up each morning charged and refreshed, excited about a new day out, at work or at school.You even look stunning on those dress or minis paired with sleeveless tops you’re wearing.

And then it happens, you notice those hairs on your legs and armpit you just had it stripped off the other week, come visibly growing again-how could that be!  You started to panic and thought of shaving but what about those scuffs from that sharp blade leaves you awful tiny visible scars? Your confidence started to wane that you might as well wear a coverall! Then you begun to wonder the under wraps to other girls confidence in wearing the latest trend dress flaunting those gorgeous legs and arms and can even wear a two- peice on the beach.  

How many times have you shied away from wearing those flesh revealing clothes in life’s gift of a new day because of those unwanted hairs? Do you really need to shave all your life and put up with those newly grown much thicker and darker hairs like those of a beard all over your legs, armpits or bikini lines?

We know you’re wishing if only there is such a professional waxing salon within your reach using premium grade wax! So off the Reveal-ogies went to search a premium wax that is pliable, specially-formulated variety that is guaranteed to take away those slightest superfluous hairs! And what’s more? They bring forth a team of professional technicians with a handful of advice and can provide answers to any of your questions regarding waxing!


Who are Reveal Was Salon ?

We pride ourselves in bringing you the fantastic dynamics of waxing including Brazilian waxing for male and female with the highest standards of Hygiene and Superior Quality.


We provide healthy and glamorous waxing process with your own personal pack containing glove and spatulas for your one-time exclusive use.  We set a highly hygienic procedure wearing gloves and never double dip our spatulas to ensure our wax is free of any contaminations. Can you find this anywhere else? Naturally, only at Reveal wax salon and nowhere else!

Superior Quality :

Our quality standard gives you everything you need! Indulge in pure opulence with our premium grade of waxes for your comfort, highly desirable in 12 varieties to suit your needs depending on the hair type of your body parts.


What’s Brazilian waxing?

Our Brazilian waxing is picking craze! Because this is a very delicate procedure of removing hair from the pubic area, we have a team of highly skilled therapists to clean up those follicular actions down under with your choice of premium wax and strip wax for a maximum efficient result and minimum pain.
New to Brazilian ? We tender several versions starting from Far-Complete to Near-Complete through the Completion of Brazilian to let you reveal yourself and be reborn!


Brazilian for male?

More and more men all over the world are now marching into waxing salons, they too have unwanted hairs, Brazilian for male born and it is right within your reach!